About Equipment

Through Limno Loan, educators can borrow water quality sondes, which are instruments with multiple sensors that measure water conditions. Sondes provide an easy and accurate way to collect data instantly.

Each Hydrolab DS5 sonde, houses seven sensors, measuring:

The Hydrolab DS5 sonde transmits measurements directly to a handheld data logger called the Surveyor. The Surveyor displays equipment settings and measurements of all of the water quality parameters listed above.

In addition, a Secchi disk is included in the kit. This instrument is also used to measure water clarity visually.

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Hydrolab tool partially submerged in the water of a wetland.
Photo Credit: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Hydrolab DS5 multiparameter sonde

Close up of surveyor tool and clipboard inside of storage case.
Photo Credit: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Surveyor and clipboard

Circular disk colored with an alternating black and white pie shaped pattern. The disk is submerged in the water under green algae.
Photo Credit: USGS

Secchi disk