The power is low on the Hydrolab and I have the replacement C batteries but where do they go?

The C batteries go in at the top of the Hydrolab.  There is a silver knob at the top that screws into a plastic piece, which is kidney shaped. It might be sticky getting the plastic cap off since it has a waterproof seal. Grip the cap, using the indentations on each side, and rock the cap from side to side to loosen the seal. The Hydrolab takes 8 C batteries.


How long can I borrow the equipment?

We typically loan out the equipment for two weeks, which includes shipping overnight there and back.  That timeframe might get shorter in the future to better accommodate your requests if demand increases.


Can I borrow the Hydrolab in the winter?

The operating temperature for the Hydrolab goes down to 23° F. However, EPA reserves the right to decline sending during severely cold weather. The biggest concern regarding borrowing in the winter is the transition time from a warm spot to the monitoring site, and then how long you are at the site with the equipment out of the water.  If you can organize everything while leaving the Hydrolab in a warm place (vehicle or otherwise) and then bring it over when you are all set, it shouldn’t be a problem since once the equipment is in the water it is okay. Also note that battery life will go more quickly so to keep an eye on power readings on the Surveyor power and to use fresh C batteries in the equipment.


The Surveyor doesn’t appear to be holding a charge?

Make sure that you turn on the Surveyor when you start charging. It won’t charge if it hasn’t been turned on.





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